How it Works


For Opportunity Creators

Available to EXP members only, the EXP Exchange is an easy way to circulate your in-kind and paid brand partnership opportunities.

  1. Must be an EXP member to post (apply here)

  2. Submit opportunity form

  3. EXP reviews, checks references, and approves

  4. Pay for posting and confirm

  5. Receive inquiries and close that deal!

For Opportunity Accelerators

Build your brand and audience reach by supporting vetted projects submitted by creators within the EXP membership circle.

  1. Must be an EXP member to view (apply here)

  2. View opportunities online

  3. Enter info to express interest

  4. Outreach and negotiate directly

  5. Confirm partnership (no fee, creators pay)


Need help creating a killer partnership deck?


Available to members AND non-members of EXP, our partnership experts who have each raised millions of dollars for both new and established creators are available to help take your experience to the next level.

What we’ll do:

  • Evaluate the opportunity

  • Structure tiers with market rate pricing options

  • Gather key data and testimonials

  • Deliver a professionally designed deck

  • Cost is $7,500 for non-members, $5,000 for members

  • Includes three personal intros to potential partners