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Our theme is "WAR STORIES & WILD SUCCESSES", which we chose to help spur quality conversations while you're with us at EXP. When you meet someone, rather than probing with "What do you do?", we suggest offering them a gift of laughter - "Can I tell you a war story?" or a gift of celebration - "I'd love to hear one of your wild success stories! Have a minute?" 


Indian Springs is located at 1712 Lincoln Ave, Calistoga, CA 94515.  Launch google maps >>

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tl;dr We're pretty much on property at Indian Springs all-day Wednesday and then all-day offsite on Thursday until 3pm, then back at Indian Springs.


5pm  - Registration & snacks at the Merchant House (building behind hotel check-in)

7pm - Come hang out by the pool with us, we'll have dinner and drinks provided



Please check your email for your 1:1 and workshop assignments. 

8am - Explore the property or even venture out to Calistoga on your 1:1 walk and talk

  • Breakfast provided at the Barn, where you can take a Selffee with your new biffle 

10am - Workshops & Conversations at the Garden Retreat & Merchant House

12pm - Interactive lunches, first come, first served

2pm - Siesta  

3pm - Workshops & Conversations at the Garden Retreat & Merchant House

5pm - Wine o'clock at the Garden Retreat 

  • Oyster shucking with OystersXO
  • Live performances with Presence by Busy Bisi and Julian Roy 

6:30pm - Shuttle pickup at the Barn 

7pm - Dinner & Desolation Center film at Sterling Vineyards

  • Q&A with Stuart Swezey & John Law
  • This is an outdoor screening, may want to bring a sweatshirt
  • Movie screen production by MS Event Productions
  • Furniture styled and delivered by Cort
  • Tents by Camp'd Out



7:30am - Shuttle pickup for offsite breakfast & talks

8:00am - Breakfast & Talks offsite

11:00am - Shuttle pickup for offsite hike

12:15pm - Shuttle pickup for lunch

12:30pm - Lunch at Hans Fahden Vineyards 

2:00pm - Shuttle pickups back to Indian Springs 

3:00pm - Show and tell me what to do at the Barn 

6:00pm - Dinner in the Rose Garden 

8:00pm - Dancing with Christine Marie's 3d shadows 

10:00pm - Back to the pool! 


Build your own damn conference with Anthony Kennada (10am only) - Merchant House

Pulse Conference by Gainsight serves thousands of customer success management professionals each year. Learn and discuss with their CMO on why they chose to spend their marketing budget to build a culture, not just a customer base,  and how they ultimately convert that community into viable leads.  

Creating more diverse and inclusive experiences with Genie Gratto (10am only) - Merchant House

Hear from Genie Gratto of, the organization that brings 14,000+ people to gather around diversity and inclusion for women in the technology space. Learn from their struggles, insights, challenges and best practices, and take some time to think about how to incorporate those into your work.

Engineering great vendor relationships with The Meritage (3pm only) - Merchant House

Everything you need to know but were afraid to ask about how to get the most out of your relationships with venue partners, including how and where to negotiate on pricing, troubleshooting attendance numbers, and planning for out of the ordinary experiences to avoid legal blocks and sticker shock.

Find your people with Radha Agrawal - Garden Retreat, Reflection Patio

Join the founder of Daybreaker, who shares with us her "crawl method" of building community around values and clear experience design goals that will be released in her forthcoming book, "Belong". 

Mastering flow with Splash's CEO, Ben Hindman - Garden Retreat, River Room

Get insight from over 200k+ events on the value you receive at every touchpoint of your attendee communications with Ben Hindman, founder of Splash. We'll help you streamline and leverage your efforts from registration through post-event engagement.

Seeking support with Jamie Nami Kim (3pm only) - Merchant House

Search and create the possibilities for building and managing a strong circle of support around your most toughest challenges. 

The delicate dance of budgeting with Laura Gavin, MKG - Garden Retreat, Reflection Room

It’s easy for us to forget the big picture - what our true goals and objectives are —and often times push for more, sometimes just because it’s more. With awareness, guidance and examining budget parameters with a strategic lens, we can better understand how we should spend our money wisely, defend our decisions, and navigate delicate conversations.




  • This is a family friendly place! 

  • Please know that we don't have a full buyout, and ask that you respect our neighbors


  • Conduct - The Platinum Rule: treat everyone better than you treat yourself, or we may ask you to leave
  • Dress - casual and/or fun
  • Privacy - keep conversations private, you can share ideas without sharing the source (unless given permission)
  • Wifi - network is open, not needed


  • Join our Whatsapp group chat for EXP Retreat attendees

  • There will be some times where no phones and no wifi will be available to you - calm down, it'll all be ok!

  • We will be generally recording in the official programs at EXP

  • Feel free to post images and video on social media channels

  • For any serious problems or concerns, please text Sarah. If you have a problem with Sarah, please text Sarah.



Onsite team is brought together by Happily. We're so excited to have the best time together with you!!!!!!!

Sarah Shewey

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Aminah Mitchell


Regina Hunt 



Shane Becker


Smiley aka Adam Poswolsky

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Morgan Fogarty aka "Mofo"

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Colin "Coco" Ho