EXP @ SXSW Interactive: Discovering Fun with Future Intelligence

We are excited to share that SXSW Interactive founder and head of programming, Hugh Forrest, will join us at EXP this summer and we’re sending him lots of good vibes this week!

SXSW Interactive has emerged as one of the most versatile experience-driven festivals in the U.S. with a variety of multi-disciplinary events to explore the ways in which cutting-edge technology can enhance our society. What began in 2007 to start the dialogue about “the realm of future possibilities” within the SXSW conference, has since rapidly evolved into a culture of its own; drawing curious and tech-savvy minds from all over the world to the eclectic city of Austin, Texas, March 9–13.

Our list of not-to-be-missed SXSW Interactive experiences include:

The Keynote with Melinda Gates - Sun, Mar 11 at 2pm

Attendees will receive an abundance of information, “from applied neuroscience to conversational storytelling to data-driven creativity” in a four-day-long immersive program designed to spark new ideas, facilitate relationships, and uncover new strategies. But on Sunday, we’re going to be first in line to hear Melinda Gates talk about her take on the future of the workplace.

Interactive Innovation Awards - Tue, Mar 13 at 6pm

This year, SXSW Interactive created a new category for the Innovation Awards: Scifi No Longer; to highlight “the coolest scientific achievement or discovery that before 2017 was only possible in science fiction.” We love that Jacquard by Google is a finalist after weaving digital technology into fabric. Yes, fabric! Take your personal calls, play music, and get directions to wherever you’re going just by slipping on a well-tailored denim Levi’s jacket.  Check out the full list of finalists here.

The Parties

And the parties? Well… Access means everything at SXSW Interactive. This year when you register for EXP, you’ll receive a SXSW Splash Fast Pass to skip all the lines at the best SXSW events. 

EXP members automatically receive exclusive perks to experience the very best of what our incredible community has to offer. We’re so excited to unveil more membership benefits as the countdown to our experiential retreat begins. Don’t miss out - sign up for EXP while registration is still open!  

Sarah Shewey