Shaping Culture For More Than 100 Years: Our Intimate Evening with Condé Nast and Forbes

In the city that never sleeps rose two editorial giants that have defined fashion, culture, and promoted financial literacy on a global scale. EXP is proud to invite our community of NYC-based thought-leaders and creative innovators to the table with Condé Nast and Forbes.

On May 3,  EXP is launching the first installment of EXP Local: an intimate hyper-local meet-up, this time with Erica Boeke, VP of Experiential at Condé Nast and Cathi Culbertson VP of Event Marketing and Conferences at Forbes. The evening will be mediated by EXP's Ebenezer Bond to discuss current trends in experiential marketing and how organizations can consistently create meaningful moments for global audiences.  This fire-side chat will be held in the heart of Manhattan at the architecturally-stunning Condé Nast headquarters. 

Our Hosts

Our hosts for the evening, Erica Boeke and Cathi Culbertson are highly skilled, experienced, and recognized leaders who have a track record of making significant contributions to Condé Nast and Forbes.

Erica Boeke has spent the last four years fostering strategic partnerships with the world's most reputable media brands and has forged fresh paths for Condé Nast with 23 Stories, the creative and event agency with "a mission to create the most culturally relevant advertising and branded experiences in the world."

Cathi Culbertson makes crafting a successful event from conception to launch, look easy. At least, she's done so on behalf of Forbes for more than three decades. In this era of instant gratification where trends and events are forgotten overnight, Cathi remains at the helm of Forbes to develop new ways of creating experiences the world never forgets. She is responsible for managing event venues such as, "Forbes on Fifth, Townhouse, Forbes Galleries, Yacht “The Highlander” and Chateau in Normandy, which included guests such as the late Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher, Oprah Winfrey, and Warren Buffet."

We like to keep things casual

During this round-table gathering, we'll take a moment to have our attendees introduce themselves to one another along with a fun icebreaker, to you know, break the familiar abominable ice that settles over so many marketing meet-and greets. The evening will unravel with a compelling conversation with our hosts followed by delicious snacks and eclectic drinks!

We are so excited to kick off this series in NYC with Cathi Culbertson and Erica Boeke this Thursday, May 3. EXP Local is coming to your city next, stay tuned!

Teira Church