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We are reuniting two pioneers from Adobe to come together and talk about how to create authentic experiences within a corporate context. Come have dinner with Ben Rabner, head of experiential and Karl Isaac, former head of brand strategy and innovation for Adobe and most recently the VP, Global Brand for eBay. 

About Karl
Karl Isaac is the architect behind some of the world's biggest brands (eBay, Adobe, and Microsoft) and has extensive knowledge from launching and sustaining brands through global marketing campaigns and expressing brands through product experiences. In his 18+ years of professional experience, he has also run a design firm, led a digital practice area for Landor, and worked with from some of the most inspiring talent of our time to create dynamic brand design systems.

About Ben
Ben is re-imagining B2B executive marketing at Adobe by creating an experiential marketing program that delivers transformational experiences and connections with clients that are authentic, tangible, inspiring and more memorable than death by powerpoint. His program was recently featured by the Wall Street Journal and National Geographic. His work also includes research into using human biology and neuroscience to create more engaged and powerful marketing experiences.

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